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The most powerful Interaction Analytics platform

Before entering the KPI universe of Comunikime, it is important to know that we are dealing with renowned partner and great know-how in this market, pioneer in the main world innovations that have happened in the area. Comunikime is an exclusive partner of North American Success KPI for Latin America.

Now that we're properly introduced, let's get down to business!

Success KPI combines technology, innovation and system design. All user-centric and contact center expertise. A unique and powerful interaction analytics platform capable of performing speech and text conversation analysis, sentiment analysis, quality monitoring with automated actions in one place.

Success KPI brings insights to the business and proposes transformation actions, with immediate implementation, ranging from agent to CEO, providing a 360-degree view of the customer experience and operator's work. BI and dashboards promote complete reports where you can conveniently view and share metrics, data, and information that can generate key insights into your journey and customer experience. This way you can leverage AI to ensure that results are incorporated into the process.

Do you know what your client thinks and feels? Not a lot of companies. Or, most of the time, they're not sure.

With Success KPI this task becomes simple and assertive. In speech and text transcription, assertiveness in the analysis of interactions reaches 85%. It can replace, anticipate or complement human labor.


BI and Interaction Analytics

  • Multiple concurrent data sources generating insights

  • Dashboards and reports via drag and drop

  • Transcription of voice recordings for quality process automation and operations insights


  • Operates in the clouds

  • Alvaria, Uniki, AWS and Genesys Integration

  • Rapid deployment

  • Centralized management

Advantages for the company

  • Cost savings, time savings and profitability

  • Reduction of fraud in the operation

  • Analysis in various areas of the company

  • Operator and customer sentiment detection

  • Generation of Insights

  • Support in training and qualification of the team

What else can Success KPI do for you?

Talk to one of our experts and see that we can help you a lot.

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