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Who is Comunikime?

Comunikime is a company founded, managed and constituted by passionate about technology and people. That's why since 2012 it has been truly innovating to offer really efficient solutions that promote incredible experiences in the relationship between companies and their customers, optimizing results.

Our story

It's not just about talking, it's about doing. Here at Comunikime, a group of specialists daily lives the business and the journey of the company-client, each one with a focus on their area, carry out the digital transformation through a complete consultancy, which always aims to improve o_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ end customer service, leading to customer success, with cost reduction and increased profitability in operations.

Comunikime is pure performance.

  1. Largest number of Aspect certified specialists in Latin America

  2. Presence in the 5 largest Contact Centers in Brazil

  3. Presence in 4 of the 5 largest Collection Offices in Brazil

  4. Success KPI Latin America Partner

  5. Aspect Latam partner that carries out official training with certification

  6. Operations in the Retail, Telecom, Collection, Banking and Insurance verticals

  7. Constant investment in research and innovation with a focus on market needs.

  8. Agility in the implementation of new campaigns and new systems

Wherever you are, we have a hi-tech solution for you. Count on us!

What else do we have?

Colegas em reunião
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To act as a facilitator for success and excellence in the most complete processes of technology integration in all our customers to succeed and excellence in customer service through Innovation and sustainability, and always aiming at a high level performance.


  • Commitment to excellence in services and innovation;

  • Focus on customer needs;

  • Respect for our employees, customers and partners;

  • Honesty and loyalty above any commercial objective;

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