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Turn your customers' experiences into real success.

Our virtual agents are smart, they are the ones who have sensitivity, they know well who is on the other side. After all, they were programmed to provide the best customer experience. This is what ensures efficient service. Thus, it is possible to dismiss the human agent from trivial matters, which can devote themselves to much more important tasks, transforming them into business consultants.

This voice and text self-service tool can be used inbound or outbound and still leverages the robustness of the dialer to reach with a large contingent of customers.

Depending on the subject, our virtual agents resolve the service from start to finish. This allows you to handle a much larger block of contracts on the day, in addition to decreasing queue time, since the largest volume of contacts are to deal with trivial matters.

To further improve the performance of virtual agents, the integration with the service platform, leads to the use of dialing and renitence rules that makes the attempt to contact the customer much smarter and more assertive.

With our virtual agents everyone wins: company, customer and workforce.

The benefits are many!

  • Speed in customer service

  • Shorter waiting time

  • Shorter time in line waiting for a human

  • Ability to integrate with other systems (via API, WS, etc.)

  • Flexibility to adapt to service flow

  • Works on active and responsive operations

  • Has high cognitive power in customer interaction (ASR)

Did you like our virtual agent?

The best experience for your customers!

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