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Much more performance in billing and sales.

We live in an era where the market no longer accepts practices that do not align with its time. The new paradigm for companies is to dispense with obsolescence and manual effort in order to make their business progress.

As CRM is in the DNA of Comunikime, Uniki was designed precisely to meet this current concept of good management practices. Much more than an ERP, CRM Uniki works with various tools capable of integrating all data and information and controlling operational processes to ensure fluidity and ensure results.

With it it is possible to understand more assertively the customer journey, enabling a more accurate relationship and broad conversion of the goals outlined.


System Modules


The system is designed to maintain the main focus on the business, ensure flexibility for contractors and integration with the main dialers in the market, creating multiple channels of interaction with leads and customers, to effectively foster the areas of collection and sales.


UNIKI CRM can do a lot for you.

You want to know how that happens?

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