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The transformation of communication, expanding its service performance.

Nowadays the means to reach people are as varied as possible. By voice, by text, by audio, by image. For mass digital media, for corporate channels. Phone, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Email. And then you get lost in the middle of so many means.

But you have OMNIA. And with it there is no loss, only optimization. This omnichannel orchestration tool makes information management and treatment on a single and effective platform.


The conversion becomes much more effective, because your client is served on the channel you prefer and best suits you at the moment.

This dynamic integration enables a distant and continuous service, with alternating between channels without loss of information, generating a unique history within the same interface with centralized service, which optimizes the work of agents, operators and supervisors, who now no longer need to manage multiple methods of communication in the same in the system.

In addition, smart bots enable text self-service on all media available with this feature.

OMNIA is a single platform that solves several of your problems with excellent potential for integration with other systems, text self-service, visible history to everyone involved in the process, less repetition, less time loss, reduced service queue, support for many media.

So you have higher efficiency, higher throughput, higher performance and higher conversion.

OMNIA. Innovation and result at your fingertips.

Talk to one of our experts and see that we can help you a lot.

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